Important Features to Consider When Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Over the last few years, the robotic pool cleaners have increased a lot in popularity. Not only because of the number of pool owners that has increased significantly over the years, but also due to their advanced technologies and innovative features. The market is truly over-saturated with a lot of models, so it’s quite complicated to choose exactly what you want. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you to take your time to test and research the best robotic pool cleaner reviews available for sale, these days and choose the one that meets all your needs as a pool owner.

Many factors really matter when making a purchase. As a pool owner, you already know that keeping your pool clean it’s quite difficult. A dirty pool is like a bad dream you can’t wake up from. However, don’t worry! We are here to help you solve this daunting task.

At first, you need to know a few things about your pool.

Key Characteristics of Swimming Pools

Type of Pool

When the time comes to buy your first cleaner, you have to think about the type of your pool:

  • Above-ground pool –  When it comes to robotic cleaners, the difference between these two types is mainly determined by the structure and range. The above-ground pool robots are more affordable than in-ground pool cleaners. They are mainly designed for small polls. Plus, most of these units are manual and require assistance when operating. However, several automatic models will easily work with an attached skimmer to the vacuum.
  • In-ground pool – As previously mentioned, pool cleaners for in-ground pools are a bit more expensive than the above-ground robots. Most of them are specially designed to clean pools with depths of up to 8 ft.
  • “Combo cleaners” – As it names itself suggest, the combo cleaners are designed to clean both above and in-ground pools. Most of them are high-quality units that come equipped with a lot of interesting features and operating functions.


Pool Surface

Interested in purchasing a cleaner for your swimming pool? Well then, make sure you buy one that can handle your type of pool. We come to your aid and remember you that there are three types of in-ground pools:

·          Fiberglass

·          Vinyl liner

·          Concrete (gunite)


After testing several models and reading the most popular robotic pool cleaner reviews, we can honestly confirm that the latest models can clean any pool surface. However, there are a few exceptions, so if you are dealing with a fiberglass swimming pool, we recommend you to opt for a cleaner that comes equipped with a grip PVA brush.

Pool Size

As you already know, swimming pools come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. When it comes to picking up the best cleaner, your option strongly depends on your swimming pool’s size.

  • Small – private pools are usually smaller than large. Theoretically, a small pool measure up to 20 ft. For this reason, you will need an automatic cleaner than comes equipped with a 30 ft. cord.
  • Standard or Medium – medium-sized pools usually start at 20 ft. up to 40 ft. If you opt for a corded model, make sure the cord measures up to 50 – 55 ft.
  • Large – theoretically, the large-sized pools measure up to 60 ft. For these types of pools, we highly recommend the cordless models.

Pool Shape

·          Rectangular

·          Free form

·          Kidney Shaped

·          Figure-8

·          L-Shaped

·          Lazy L-Shaped

One of the big decisions in finding the right robot cleaner is the shape of your pool. We have listed above the most popular swimming pool shapes. You might be wondering why is so important how your pool is shaped when buying a cleaner. Some models feature impressive functions such as active brush systems and smart navigation systems. This makes the cleaner able to detect the shape and guarantees swimming pools are thoroughly cleaned. On the other hand, some units cannot detect the paths or obstacles as they are not equipped with intelligent navigation patterns.

For What You Need It?

·          Floor

·          Steps

·          Waterline

·          Corners

Based on our experience as professional pool robot experts, the most advanced models can easily handle all the jobs. From floor and steps to waterline and corners, a good quality model can excel the tasks you need to do the most. However, if you cannot afford this type of cleaner, because for sure it cost a bit more than average models, make sure you get a robot that works on those areas of your swimming pool that need to be cleaned more.

Features You Need to Look Out For

Since there are so many models available for sale these days, you need to pay closer attention to features and functions that make the difference. Once you have decided what type of pool you have, move forward and look for the model that can handle it. Don’t hurry as there are several factors you need to be aware of:

·          Suction power

Theoretically, the suction power is measured in GPM (gallons per minute). According to specialists, the average measure is around 70 GPM. If the suction power is much higher than 70 GPM, the job will be done in seconds, but the energy bills will be higher as well. Instead, if it is lower, the pool won’t be cleaned properly.

·          Filter size

Make sure, your chosen robot has filter baskets or low micron baskets that will allow for water disinfection. A high-quality cleaner should remove everything including leaves, debris and dirt. Most cleaners can easily remove leaves and debris, but when it comes to trap and remove dirt, things become complicated. Make sure the micron value of your cleaner is small and you won’t experience these troubles.

·          Power washing jets

We highly recommend you to buy a model that uses power washing jets to remove dirt. Although many robots use brushes to remove debris and dirt, there are spots where brushes cannot reach. The power washing jets remove sand, dirt and small particles.

·          Running time

Fortunately, most models will clean your swimming pool in less than 2 hours on a short cleaning cycle. For more thorough cleaning, a smart robot shouldn’t take more than 4 or 5 hours to clean the entire pool. 

·          Navigation 

 Nowadays, the most important feature that a pool cleaner should have is the smart navigation system. As outlined above, the latest models are equipped with impressive features and advanced technologies, including sensors and Bluetooth functions. They are programmed to clean the pool in time, avoid the obstacles and follow the patterns. 

·          Brushes 

 The most popular brushes are PVC bristle ones because they are more solid than others. They are efficient and clean pretty well any pool’s surface including fiberglass. 

·          Timer 

 It allows you to set the robot to do its job without your surveillance. With the help of the timer, the robot can start cleaning once a day, depending on your preferences. 


We all know that maintaining your swimming pool properly clean is a daunting task. Fortunately, there are plenty of robot pool cleaners available in the current market that can help you maintain your swimming pool cleaner with a lot less work. The amazing thing is that you can find pool cleaners for every type of pool, so don’t worry if the shape of your pool is a bit different. However, with this in mind, we highly recommend you to test and compare the models before purchasing a model. Each model comes equipped with plenty of smart features and functions. Some will help you a lot while others won’t be as useful as you might think. As such, take your time to research robotic pool cleaner reviews and choose the one that fulfills your needs.