How to Protect Your Elderly Parents from Summer Health Risk

We all know that it’s extremely dangerous for elderly people to stay outdoors during the hot days of Summer. When it comes to our parents, we should advise them that it’s better for their health to stay indoors as much as possible when the temperatures go high. There are also other things to do, in order to avoid the serious health problems caused by the heat. Here is how you can protect your elderly parents from Summer health risk.

Hydration is extremely important

This is probably the most important thing to do, in order to avoid having health problems. Your elderly parents should drink around 4 liters of liquids every day, to keep themselves hydrated. Due to their age, elder people lose their ability to conserve the liquids they drink, in their bodies, that’s why it’s recommended to drink more water than younger people. They could also drink natural juices or some natural teas. Just make sure that your elderly parents have a bottle of water with them at all times.

Stay indoors as much as possible

It is extremely important that your elderly parents stay indoors as much as possible during the hot season. If it’s necessary to go out, then they must wear a hat. They also must remember to take some water with them and use a sun cream with a higher protection factor, in order to avoid sun burns. It is recommended that your elderly parents wear clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, in order to feel cooler and let their skin breathe. They must certainly avoid synthetic fabrics because they can irritate their skin and make them feel even hotter.

Use a tower fan when staying indoors

Even if your elderly parents stay indoors, there are some health risks as well. In order to eliminate any risks whatsoever, you should get a tower fan. A tower fan is an easy way to keep cool at all times. Because tower fans are portable, you can easily move them in any room you want. Your elderly parents will certainly feel better when having a unit like this in their home.

Have light meals

Your elderly parents should know that during the Summer, it is extremely recommended to have light meals. They can consume fish, which is extremely healthy, vegetables, salads, soups and light meat. It is also important that your elderly parents eat fruits as often as possible, in order to take care of their health and avoid any health risks whatsoever.

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