3 Methods to Make Homemade Shaved Ice

One treat that we all enjoyed in our childhood is shaved ice with delicious syrup on top. If you are a big fan of the icy delight still, or you have kids and want to make torrid summer days more pleasant for them, instead of going out whenever you want to consume the treat, it’s best to learn how to make it at home, especially seeing how preparing it is not a big fuss. Likely originating from 1860s Japan where it is known as kakigori, the simplistic yet ingenious icy treat is consumed by people from different cultures all over the world.

Making it at home is a good idea if you are a heavy consumer not only because you end up saving money, but because it is safer to enjoy it this way. After all, you are the one who makes it, so you know exactly what goes into the preparation process and how healthy the ingredients used are. But let’s stop wasting time and move on to the topic of interest, homemade shaved ice preparation.

How to Turn Ice Cubes into Shaved Ice

First off, you must make the cubes if you haven’t already bought them from the store. You can either use an ice tray that you fill with water and put in the freezer until the content solidifies, or more rapidly get it done using the best countertop ice maker so that in a matter of minutes you have as much ice as you need. After this step, you must turn the cubes into shaved ice, and as suggested by the title of this article, there are 3 popular methods used for this, specifically:

#1 – Use a Blender

This is the fastest technique that you can turn to. Chances are that you already have a blender as these appliances are quite useful in the kitchen to prepare other delicious treats like smoothies and shakes. What you must do is put the cubes in the blender and let it do its magic until the ice is shaved as fine as you like it to be.

  • Tip: Check to see if your blender is recommended for crushing ice. Otherwise, you risk the blades becoming dull or chipping in the process.

#2 – Use an Ice Shaver

After the ice block melts at room temperature for a bit, 2-3 minutes tops, you can grab the ice shaver and pass it over the block’s surface. When you do this, thin pieces of ice collect in the shaver, which you empty in the vessel of your choice at the end.

  • Tip: If you opt for this method, you must make bigger ice blocks rather than cubes as the tool has to pass over their surface. Otherwise, you will be inconvenienced by the amount of work it will take to get the job done.

#3 – Use a Sharp Knife

Just as recommended when you use the ice shaver, it’s best to opt for an ice block rather than cubes if you are going to use a sharp to make the ice shavings. Let it melt for about 5 minutes at room temperature so that the ice will be simpler to shave. In the meanwhile, sharpen your knife a bit so that you make sure it’s ready for the task at hand. When the time passes, remove the ice from the container, place it on a cloth to make sure it won’t slide off the surface, hold it firmly with one hand, and slice the block in quick motions.

  • Tip: Be very cautious when you use the knife as ice is quite a slippery surface and chances of injury are high because of this.

How to Prepare Cherry Flavoring for the Shaved Ice

List of ingredients to make cherry-flavored syrup for 4 servings:

  • 1 x cup of water;
  • 1 x cup of sugar;
  • 1 x 0.28-ounce cherry-flavored powdered drink mix.

How to prepare the flavoring:
Take out a small pan that you put over medium heat on the stove. In it, you add the sugar and water. Let it cook until the sugar dissolves and the mixture has a thicker texture. This should take about 5-8 minutes. When it reaches the right point, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool. Then, just add the powdered cherry drink mix.

  • You can replace the cherry flavor with any other option you prefer, just seek the powdered drink mix that has the flavor you like.

Mix and Enjoy

You have your shaved ice and your flavoring, so all that’s left is to combine them. Divide the shaved ice into 4 servings and pour equal amounts of syrup on each of them. We also advise that you sprinkle a bit of condensed milk at the end to add to the flavor of the icy treat.


If you like shaved ice, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make it if you have the right tools, specifically an ice maker and a blender. While there are multiple techniques to use and make it, as we previously covered, this is the fastest, most efficient, and less demanding option to turn to. Regardless of what you pick, all that matters at the end of the day is that you get to eat your favorite icy treat whenever you like, without having to go out of the house to buy it.