Most Trustworthy Radar Detectors of 2015

Since radar guns started being used by the police, the drivers started using radar detectors to make sure they won’t get a speeding ticket. As soon as one evolves, so does the other, becoming a war between the two technologies. The radar detector is a bliss for any driver that doesn’t want to get speeding tickets or have his driving license removed. To be able to avoid these penalties, you need a top of the line model, and in the following lines we will present you the best and most trustworthy radar detectors of 2015. We based our research on several reviews. If you want to dig deeper into this matter, we recommend the site, which has some very helpful radar detector reviews. If you don’t feel like researching the market, take our word for it and choose one of the detectors presented bellow:

Whistler CR90

The Whistler CR90 radar detector comes at the price of $165, and it has a two year warranty that sets it above the industry standard.
The range and accuracy of this model are above the 86% average, it efficiently detects the X, K, and Ka radar bands used by the police, and it’s a LIDAR detector as well.
When this model detects a radar signal, a voice tells you what type of signal it has detected, and the LED display indicates you how strong in actually is.
A very useful aspect of this radar detector is the fact that it detects when a police officer has already targeted your vehicle, and it warns you by sending a laser alert.

Beltronics Pro 500

This radar detector costs $285, and it’s an investment worth making due to the fact that it combines the benefits of GPS with accurate radar detection.
The great thing about it is that is detects effectively which are false-alert filters, meaning that you won’t be warned if the police doesn’t have a radar.
Also, this model has a wide range that makes it a top of the line product, it’s both a LIDAR detector and it detects the X, K, and Ka radar brands that the police use, and it warns you if your car is being monitored by the police.
The downside is that it will take you a while to get accustomed with the six buttons, but as soon as you learn the functions, you won’t have any problem with operating it.

Escort Passport Max 2

The Escort Passport Max 2 comes at the price of $500, being the most expensive of the three models, but it’s the most appreciated radar detector of the year. After all, you can’t have the greatest when it comes to quality without having to pay a little extra.
The thing that sets it apart from other radar detector is that it doesn’t only help you avoid getting a fine, but it alerts you every time you exceed the speed limit due to its over-speed feature. This feature will keep you out of any trouble and help you drive safely at all times.
In addition, the Escort Passport Max 2 doesn’t only accomplish the basic duty of warning you when the police is around, but it warns you when there are speed cameras, potential speed traps, red-light cameras, and emergency vehicles.

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