Tap Water Composition and Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Drink It

Drinking tap water is a habit that many people have and that seems harmless at first because hydration is actually an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, when it comes to what kind of water you drink, sometimes it’s more about quality than quantity, especially when it comes to children who are more prone to dealing with illnesses. Therefore, you need to know exactly what is in the water your kids consume and you will be surprised to learn that tap water isn’t by far the cleanest type of water to drink. After a thorough analysis, you will be convinced that your kids should stay away from tap water.
Water is known as the spring of life and it’s an essential part of ensuring the well functioning of every organ in your body. Children require the same amount of water as adults because their bodies are also made of 60% water so they need to maintain a balance. Regardless the importance of drinking water, it shouldn’t be consumed if it contains substances that can cause various health problems. A close look at the composition of tap water reveals that besides the nutritional and essential components, it also contains some harmful substances that can endanger the like of children, in particular.

What’s in tap water?

The main concern is the chlorine that is used to kill bacteria in the water. When you turn on the tap, you will notice a strong smell of chlorine and that is because the municipality uses chlorine as a disinfectant because it’s cheap. While it can eliminate unwanted impurities and bacteria, it also alters water’s taste and odor, making it hardly appropriate for drinking. Therefore, while trying to solve a problem, another one is caused.

Lead is one of the most dangerous stuff found in the water, with the most severe effects on the health of children and babies. It gets into the water through the pipes that are usually made of lead and that are very old and dirty. Large amounts of lead can cause brain damage and problems of development and concentration.

Fluoride is a mineral that is also added to the water in an attempt to prevent teeth decay but it can cause more harm than good. The thyroid gland should not be assaulted with fluoride because this hardens the depletion of iodine, causing a disease caused hypothiroidism. This is highly dangerous in children as it can cause problems with the immune system, weight gain, memory loss, or irritability.

These are the most attention-demanding pollutants in tap water but there are also smaller ones like rust or sediment that can hardly be eliminated through simple water cleaning methods. They often come from the pipes that are old and rusty because they haven’t been replaced in ages. Although they don’t seem dangerous at first sight, these tiny particles can affect your kidneys and cause bladder infections.

How to deal with it

In order to prevent the little ones from ingesting all the dangerous substances found in tap water, you have to find a solution to replace the water source with a cleaner and safer one. Luckily, there are many ways to replace the unhealthy tap water that could endanger your kids’ health.

You can choose to buy bottled water that comes from tested and reliable sources and has been cleansed of the majority of the dangerous impurities. However, it is a costly solution that requires constant expenses and you will soon notice it’s not a long-term way to start drinking cleaner water.

Installing a water filter is the wisest method to ensure clean and fresh water at home at any time. A filter can retain even the smallest particle in the water and it removes odor-causing chlorine and threatening minerals and metals. Luckily for you, there are various water filtration systems that range in size, installation complexity, and price. If you want to limit your investment, a countertop or under the sink filter is the perfect solution. Compact in size and easy to install, such a filter will provide instant clean water at a single tap in your house.
If you are looking for a bigger scale solution, we recommend the whole house water filter that takes care of all the water that comes to your house through all the pipes. This system is installed on the main water pipe and it will deliver clean water at every tap of the kitchen or bathroom.