The secret to a really clean house

Instead of letting the situation go off the rails and dirt pile up everywhere, you should do your best to keep the house clean continuously. This way, although it might seem like you have more to do as you basically daily have to do a cleaning task, it will take less time overall, and the effort implied is almost insignificant. Seeing how a clean living environment is of an utmost importance not only for your health but for the way you feel mentally when you are at home, it is essential to learn how to keep the house really clean at all times. There are a few tricks and tips that you need to be aware of to make the entire process easier, advice which we will present to you in the following.

Cut through grease and other stubborn stains as soon as they appear

One common mistake which prevents the house from looking spotless at all times is the fact that you don’t deal with certain situations as soon as they arise. For example, when you cook and grease inevitably gets on the counters, shelves, and stovetop, you should tend to cut through that grease while it’s still fresh and manageable. This goes for all other types of stains, regardless of their nature – when they are fresh, it will be less trouble to deal with them, and no one will ever suspect there was a mess at any point as everything will look spotless.

Make vacuuming and dusting daily tasks – It takes less time this way, trust us!

Dust and dirt are inevitable guests inside any house, no matter how hard you try to stop it. For your home to look perfect, what you should do is put two activities on your daily to-do list – dusting and vacuuming. This way, the floors will look impeccable at all times, and furniture pieces won’t be covered in a blanket of dust that is obvious to the eye. As you do these two chores regularly, you will actually finish off with them a lot faster than you think as there won’t be a big mess to deal with. Furthermore, there is a shortcut you can take – using a robot vacuum that tends to clean the floors before you arrive home. This way, you are only left with dusting the few furniture pieces you have around the house instead of having to tend to more tasks at once.

Make it a point for everyone to put their belongings back to their rightful place

Education is your number one priority when it comes to keeping the house clean at all times, better said, the education of the people who live inside it. One of the most likely reasons why you don’t enjoy that tidy scenery continuously is because everyone seems to be leaving clothes and personal items all over the place. In case this is the issues in your home, gather everyone in the same room and express your desire for each person to pick up after themselves instead of leaving a mess behind. It’s a reasonable and understandable proposition which will surely be met kindly as there is no major effort involved in picking up your socks as you leave the room, for example.

Don’t let anything pile up – Otherwise, you will just make your job a whole lot harder

The main point of our instructions is to make your life easier in your task to keep the house impeccable. However, this is not possible if you slouch and let messes pile up. The most common room where this tends to happen is the kitchen, more precisely in the sink. After you and your loved ones eat, don’t throw all the dishes in the sink and forget about them as they will inevitably stink up the whole joint, and look unpleasant too. Instead, put them in the dishwasher as soon as you finish eating, or if you don’t have one, wash them up yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and it helps you maintain that aspect for your house you so sorely dream of.

Remember that sometimes, less is better

One thing you will notice all extremely clean houses have in common is a lack of abundance when it comes to furniture. If your house is crowded with furniture pieces – most of them seem out of place most likely – it is all the more complicated to upkeep cleanliness. Sure, for those who feel an attachment to their belongings, it is hard to depart from them, but if you are serious about keeping everything shiny and clean, remove useless furniture pieces and items which only occupy space and gather dust uselessly. When it comes to a clean house, less furniture is definitely the best option to go for!

All household members have to play their parts

A golden rule of keeping the house continuously clean is to have everyone pitch in. After all, you all live in the house, so it’s in your best interest to keep a clean living environment, the responsibility not having to fall completely on your shoulders. If you have kids, it is high time to teach them responsibility by having them clean their rooms if they are messy. Of course, you should make it a point for them to keep up the tidiness by picking up after themselves and fixing messes as soon as they are created.


When it comes to your life partner, you should share cleaning tasks equally. First, make a list of what needs to be done around the house, and ask him/her what they prefer. Establish the cleaning schedule together, and you will see a major improvement not only in the way your home looks as it will be tidy all the time but you will witness an improvement in your relationship as well as a result of collaborating on household chores.