Training at Home With a Home Gym – Effective Training Workouts

Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, people who used to hit the gym had to come up with home workout routines to stay active and maintain their fitness levels. Some preferred working out at home even before this event took place, these people being less affected as they likely already had all the needed equipment and their routines and schedules set in place.

Regardless of the reasoning for which you would rather exercise at home, whether it is because the pandemic caused all the gyms in your areas to close or you simply want intimacy during exercise as you feel you would be more efficient this way, a piece of equipment you need is the home gym as it comprises multiple apparatuses, which ultimately expands your workout possibilities. But with variety comes the issue of putting together a well-thought-out routine, and for this, we come to your aid by providing a few effective training ideas that are sure to help you reach your goals and stay active.

  • Tip: If you haven’t already acquired one, going through home gym reviews will help you figure out what equipment you ought to train with that matches your routine expectations and fits the space you have available too.

Exercises that You Can Do with the Home Gym

The workout apparatus comprises multiple workstations, permitting you to perform various drills and concentrate on different muscle groups contingent on your goals. These workstations differ from one model to another, so there are drills that are achievable only with some home gyms. Don’t fret, however, as even the most basic model still comprises a wide range of workstations, sufficient to put together a complete workout schedule. But let’s stop wasting time and learn a few home gym exercises that prove to be efficient toward toning, body shaping, muscle mass growth, and weight loss.

1.      Bench Press

If the apparatus integrates it, the bench press is, by far, the best drill to work on the upper-body force. The groups that you use in this quite challenging motion include the triceps, the pecs, and the deltoids.

How to follow through with the drill:

  • Sit on the bench lying down beneath the bar;
  • Grab it and push to take the bar out of the rack;
  • Lower it to your middle section and push it back up until you fully unbend your arms.

2.      Triceps Pushdown

Aside from triceps strength improvement, it also works out the lats, exterior obliques, traps, and, and pecs. These secondary groups engage in the motion to balance and support the pushdown phase.

How to follow through with the drill:

  • Face the pulley sitting with the feet shoulder-width apart;
  • Pleat your elbows in and bring the pulley attachment down;
  • When you reach the bottom, take a pause and flex the triceps to contract them;
  • Release the weight slowly until you return to the initial position.

3.      Shoulder Press

There are quite a few variations to this exercise as it is versatile. You can either stand when you perform it or sit on the bench, whatever your setup allows. It is a drill that primarily focuses on activating the deltoid, the trapezius, and the serratus anterior.

How to follow through with the drill:

  • Take the weight bar from the rack;
  • Press to overhead until you fully lock out the elbows;
  • As the weight clears the head, lean forward a bit for balance;
  • Lower the weight to its initial position;
  • As the weight clears the head once more, lean back a bit.

4.      Biceps Curl

For upper arm strength and definition, this is the exercise you need to integrate with your exercise routine. The upper arm might be its main target, but to a lesser extent, it focuses on the lower arm muscles too. Best of all, there are several variations to the exercise depending on what you use to perform it, namely dumbbells, cable machines, barbells, resistance bands, or kettlebells.

How to follow through with the drill:

  • With your feet hip-width apart and your abs engaged, grip a weight in each hand;
  • Let your arms down at the sides with the palms facing forward;
  • Relax your shoulders and keep the upper arms stable;
  • Flex at the elbow and raise the weights until they approach your shoulders;
  • Keep your elbows close to the ribs and as you lift, exhale;
  • Lower the weights to the starting position.

5.      Shoulder Shrug

This is an exercise that you can do with or without the weights, but for significant results, the weight version is what you should focus on. The main muscles workout out are the trapezius muscles, which are situated on either side of the neck. As you boost these muscles, you will more easily sustain correct posture seeing how a strong trapezius pulls the shoulders back and stabilizes the neck and upper back.

How to follow through with the drill:

  • Grip the dumbbells by the side of your body;
  • Make sure that the palms face inward;
  • Raise your shoulders as much as you can and lower them back;
  • As you perform the movement, make sure that you keep your chin up.

Tips to Stay Motivated

  • Turn it up – there’s a good reason why all gyms play music in the background as the sound pumps up people and gives them the energy to push forward with their routines. There is even a connection between the feet and ears that boosts efficiency when you work out, so with the right playlist, you can work out longer than you ever had without even realizing it as you’re having fun.
  • Wear workout clothes – what you wear plays a much more important role in motivating you to stay on track than you could imagine. If you sit in your day-to-day clothes or pajamas when you work out, you will start to feel too cozy and won’t have your mind set on the goal, which is training.
  • Put together your routines in advance – before you start each new week, make a schedule that contains the drills and series you intend to perform, on which days you want to follow through with them, as well as the exact start and finish time. This way, you have the routines properly programmed and set so that they don’t conflict with your schedule, making it more likely for you to stick with the drills.
  • Have a space of your own – the home gym takes up a reasonable amount of space considering the wide range of exercises it comprises. Find a room where you can have privacy when you work out and put the apparatus there so that when the time comes for your exercises, you won’t be distracted by others but rather get to focus on your routine.
  • Motivational posters go a long way – it might seem like a cheap trick, but having something to look at like a motivational poster with a fit person and an ambitious message makes a big difference in keeping you on track. Put up posters of fitness stars who you admire, and you will inevitably push yourself to do better and one day maybe have the same physique as the people you look up to.

Bottom Line

Aside from the handful of training suggestions we provided here, you can put your imagination to good use and integrate other exercises into your routine according to the workstations your home gym integrates. The full-body workout you get to enjoy with this apparatus, and the fact that you can focus on separate muscle groups makes it, hands down, the most complex equipment for any fitness enthusiast. So, have fun with your new “toy” and make sure that you explore every exercise that can be performed with it, as even with basic models there are countless possibilities at the user’s disposal.